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Item Price
Mesquite Cross-12" $35
Cutting Boards - price dependent on size. Start at: $35
Business Card Holder $35
Picture Frame Up to 10" $100
Picture Frame 11" - 16" $125
Picture Frame 17" - 30" $150

Custom design and crafting is also available for furniture, fire place mantles, bar tops, backsplashes, shelves, gun or knife displays, etc.  Please contact me for prices.  If you can dream it, we can make it.


Skull Cleaning/Bleaching

Item Price
Deer skull bleached $125
Hog skull bleached $150
Horned Animal (Antelope, ram, goat, etc.) skull bleached $150
Basic Horn Mount on Mesquite Shield $125

Mesquite Taxidermy Displays

Item Price
Basic Wall Plaque $75*
Three Piece Wall Plaque $100*
Table Pedestal $100*
Shoulder Mount Plaque $200*

*Add $25 for an Arrowhead Plaque.

*Add $25 for a natural, "polished" wall or table base.